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Our Vision

We exist to serve, defend and promote every student’s right to a high-quality, low-cost, compassionate, empathetic, fair, just and holistic education. We vow to protect students against abuse of power from teachers, staff and other school administrators, with a focus on at-risk, low-income and homeless students in order to give them the tools, inspiration, guidance and support they need to succeed!

Our Mission

1. To provide the highest quality, most affordable primary, secondary and supplemental education possible (ideally FREE!).

2. To serve as an advocate for student rights, and protector/defender of student justice and freedoms.

3. To focus on under-served students: low-income, homeless and at-risk of failing, dropping out (voluntary) or getting expelled (involuntary) from school.

Our Philosophy

Our founder, who was a tutor for hundreds of students from pre-K to high school, college and graduate school for over 15 years, was very disillusioned with the postgraduate education he received while attending medical school. He was shocked at how a school could take the country’s brightest, most hard-working students and essentially belittle them, talk down to them and abuse their power over students without any recourse the students had to protect themselves. Over the summer break he created an organization to serve and protect student rights – Tutors for Charity Foundation.

We exist to serve and promote every student’s right to a high quality, low cost, compassionate, just and holistic education. We realize that students suffer from a multitude of problems related to our broken educational system: overwhelmed with unnecessary academic course loads, suffering from mental and emotional abuse by over-worked teachers or administrators (e.g., being belittled, talked down to, ignored, ostracized, etc.), disappointed with large class sizes, lack of individualized attention and the like.

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Student Bill of Rights

1) High-quality, affordable education is a fundamental, basic human right.

2) Every student deserves to be treated with respect, compassion, empathy and support.

3) Every student deserves to be FREE from bullying, regardless of the source. This includes being free from teachers and administrators who abuse their power, enact inappropriate disciplinary actions, make false accusations, or unfairly target or treat students for any reason.

4) Every student deserves to be FREE from schools that constantly commit educational malpractice. This includes schools that fraudulantly use tuition money to pay administrators high salaries while ignoring the learning needs of their students.

5) Students are not “just a number” and their self-worth is not based on their grades in class (we are all multi-faceted and can contribute to society in our own unique way).

6) Every student deserves a tutor or mentor who is patient, kind and genuinely cares about their life and well-being (beyond just academics).

7) Every tutor has a gift or talent they can share, and every student has the ability to learn and improve.

8) We will never give up on our students!

9) We strive to inspire our students to realize their dreams and achieve their goals!

10) We encourage lifelong learning to promote the next wave of innovation.

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